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Getting Started

To begin you can either begin a new project or you can add the StyleMVVM NuGet package to an existing project. For either method I recommend downloading and running the install. This will install Project Templates as well as Item Templates that can be helpful during development.

If you are looking for information MVVM as a pattern check out

Also check out the StyleMVVM blog

New Project

Style MVVM comes with multiple project templates to chose from
  • Blank App - This is a blank Metro app based off the Blank App VS Template. (Frame Navigation)
  • Grid App - This is the same as the Grid Application Template from VS modified to use Style MVVM (Frame Navigation)
  • Region App - This is a custom template that sets up a basic application using Region navigation (similar to Prism)
  • Unit Test - a basic Unit Test project that contains a Base Test class that sets up your Bootstrapper
  • Windows Runtime Component - Creates a new Windows Runtime Component based on StyleMVVM. One thing to note is that WinRT components have to follow different rules (check out

I recommend creating a fake application type of each so you can see what matches best, to the type of application you want to create.

Adding to an existing project

If you would like to add this to an existing Metro application its just a matter of changing your App.xaml. I recommend creating a new project and copying over the App.xaml (changing the view name to match your starting view). The container will create your view at start up and the rest of the application will work as before. Now you can chose to convert over all, some, or none of your Views, ViewModels and Data Models.

Documentation Sections

Commands And Events
Dependency Injection Container
MessageBox and FilePicker
Tiles, Badges, and Toasts

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