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Released: Oct 6, 2012
Updated: Oct 6, 2012 by ipjohnson123
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Application StyleMVVM 2.0.1 (x86)
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Application StyleMVVM 2.0.1 (x64)
application, 1680K, uploaded Oct 6, 2012 - 9 downloads
Example Simple Weather Example
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Release Notes

This release is a major upgrade from the 1.X series, below is an overview of all the areas changed.

Metro support

StyleMVVM now supports all WinRT languages (C#, C++/CX, & HTML/JS). To support all languages the project was split into two assemblies (StyleMVVM.winmd & StyleMVVM.CSharp.dll). All core functionality is located in the winmd assembly, while all Generic Classes, inheritable classes and Generic Extensions live in the CSharp dll.

Dependency Injection Container changes

  • The first change that affects all projects is that there is no Configuration object on the Container any more. All configuration is done directly to the container.
  • A fluent interface has been added to allow for programmatic configuration
  • ImportConstructor attribute has been added to allow for constructor injection
  • Initialize attribute has been added to allow you to specify an initialization value at construction time

Notification Services

  • ITileService was added to make updating tiles easier.
  • IBadgeService was added to make it easy to update your application badge
  • IToastService was added to make it easy to create and send an application Toast

Charm Services

  • ICharmService was created to make it easy to create and interact with the charms
  • CharmControl was added as a base class for you to create fly out charms (they are automatically added to the setting pane using the ICharmService)

Example Application

  • Updated logo's and splash screen
  • Added Configuration section on Setting Pane using Charm Service
  • Updated code to use new ITileService to update applications tile (Square and Wide)


  • New Windows Runtime Component template (C#)
  • New C++/CX Blank App project template (C++/CX)
  • New Settings Charm item template (C#)
  • New Blank Page, View Model, and Data Model item template (C++/CX)


If you are upgrading a project from 1.X to 2.0 you need to add StyleMVVM.CSharp nuget package. You also need to remove references to the IDependencyInjectionContainerConfiguration object Container.Configuration.RegisterAssembly() becomes Container.RegisterAssembly()

This release is compiled against the release version of VS 2012.

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