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Tiles, Badges, and Toasts

StyleMVVM provides a set of services to handle the above mentioned activities. The intention of the services is to provide a easier to use interface than manipulating XML.


The ITileService provides a wrapper around the TileUpdater class as well as providing 41 interfaces that represent the templates microsoft provides here. Below is a code example of how to update your application tile

    using StyleMVVM.Notification.Tile;

    public ITileService TileService { get; set; }

    public void TileUpdateMethod()
        ITileSquareBlock tileUpdate = TileService.CreateTileSquareBlock();
        tileUpdate.TextField1 = "Hi";
        tileUpdate.TextField2 = "Blah blah";



The IBadgeService wraps the BadgeUpdater class and provides an easy way to update your application badge. You can pdate your badge to one of the predefined glyphs or a number between 1 & 99. Below is a code example of how to update the badge to the Playing Glyph.

    using StyleMVVM.Notification.Badge;

    public IBadgeService BadgeService { get; set; }

    public void BadgeUpdateMethod()


The IToastService wraps the ToastNotifier class as well as providing a set of Interfaces that represent a toast update. Below is an example of how to send a toast.

    using StyleMVVM.Notification.Toast;

    public IToastService ToastService { get; set; }

    public void SendToast()
	IToastText01 toast = ToastService.CreateToastText01();

	toast.TextField1 = "Toast Text";


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